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Vermont Intestate Will

FIRST: I direct the Probate Judge to appoint anyone of his choosing, including one of my creditors, to administer all property in my name and distribute it under this Will.
SECOND: I direct that all my personal property including cars, boats, snowmobiles, etc. shall go to my spouse, unless there is an objection; otherwise my assets will be sold and converted to cash.
THIRD: I direct that all of my debts be paid, including taxes, probate fees, administrative fees and attorney fees.
FOURTH: If I am married and my spouse survives me, I direct all of my property to my spouse, unless I have children who are not children of my spouse, if so, then one-half of my separate property be paid to my spouse and the balance to my children.
FIFTH: I direct the balance of my estate be paid to my children equally, in cash. If any child is a minor then the judge can appoint some person to act as guardian for the minor child until the child is eighteen(18) at which time I direct that child receive his share outright regardless of his financial or emotional maturity.
SIXTH: If any of my children do not survive me, then I direct that child’s share be paid to his or her children, being my grandchildren, equally. If any grandchild is a minor then the judge can appoint some person to act as guardian for the minor grandchild until the grandchild is eighteen (18) at which time I direct that grandchild receive his or her portion of the deceased parents share outright regardless of his financial or emotional maturity.
SEVENTH: If my spouse does not survive me then my spouse’s share will be paid to our children or grandchildren as described in the Fourth and Fifth paragraphs above.
EIGHTH: If my spouse and children and grandchildren predecease me or if we have no children then my estate goes to my parents, and if they don’t survive me to my brothers and sisters. If any of my brothers and sisters predecease me, their heirs, my nieces and nephews, will receive the respective share of their parent.
NINTH: If I am not survived by my spouse, children, or parents, or brothers or sisters, or nieces or nephews by my brothers and sisters, I direct the Probate Court to find my closest blood relatives whoever they may be and wherever they are, at great expense and inconvenience to my estate, and divide my estate between them and their heirs.
TENTH: If the Court cannot find any blood relatives then the Court can give my property to the State of Vermont.

(this is a new version of the ‘Intestate Will’ based on 2009 revisions to the Intestacy Statutes, 14 VSA Chapter 42)